Models4D Vol.4 – Tables

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Models4D Vol.4 is a great collection of high quality 3d models created in Cinema4D. This Volume contains 62 detailed models of tables for cinema 4D and VRay for c4d. They have reasonable amount of polygons and accurate grid. The models are textured and are ready to use. To view all models and get additional information, please download a PDF catalogue below. You can also download a free sample file from the volume. All models have been created in cinema 4d and are not the result of exports from other software. The objects are modelled in Cinema 4D and non-connected so you can modify them as you prefer before you put them in the scene. Models have sweep objects, extrusions, HyperNURBS, modifier, etc… that make easier for you to modify them.

Compatible with Cinema4D 12 or higher. Models native format *.c4d with Vray for c4d material. Scenes are not included. Models4D guarantee.

Other formats available only on request (with textures without material). Contact us.

View the PDF catalogue.

Download FREE MODEL.

View license agreement for conditions of use.

This product is electronically distributed.




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